Five enterprises in Xiangcheng are collectively listed on the New Third Board, and the number of lis


Today (March 30), 5 enterprises in Xiangcheng District were collectively listed in Beijing National Small and Medium Enterprises Share Transfer System, so far, the total number of listed (listed) enterprises in the district has reached 29, including 6 on the main board and 23 on the New Third Board.

The enterprises listed on the New Third Board in Xiangcheng District this time involve new materials, precision manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection industries. Among the 5 enterprises, Yangchenghu Town occupies 2 seats, which are Suzhou Hedun Environment Co., LTD and Suzhou Qiyang New Material Technology Co., LTD. Hedun Stock is a general equipment enterprise, specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of thermal management products, with a total listed capital of 50 million shares. Qiyang is a new material enterprise, specializing in the development and manufacturing of VCI anti-rust materials, with a total listed capital of 25 million shares.

There are also two listed enterprises in Xiangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, which are Suzhou Houlichun Plastic Industry Co., LTD and Suzhou Balian Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD. Houlichun is a light industrial enterprise, researching, producing and selling plastic and rubber high-pressure hoses, with a total listed capital of 41.728 million shares. Bailian Technology is a building materials enterprise, engaged in the research, development and sales of green building systems and green building materials, new building energy saving and environmental protection products and systems, high-tech products, with a total listed capital of 10 million shares. Suzhou Sibak Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. in Huangqiao Street, as a high-tech enterprise of intelligent manufacturing automation equipment, has a total listed capital of 5 million shares.

The five enterprises listed on the New Third Board are just an epitome of Xiangcheng enterprises accelerating the pace of listing. It IS UNDERSTOOD THAT THERE ARE 15 ENTERPRISES TO BE LISTED and 11 ENTERPRISES to be LISTED IN the region, which has formed a good atmosphere for enterprises to become stronger and bigger through the capital market. Three companies listed on the New Third Board, Yidelong, Jiren High-tech and Jinhong Gas, have applied to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and their initial IPO applications have been accepted by the CSRC. Hua Ya intelligent technology, Ai Fa intelligent technology, Suzhou future electrical appliances, Pofa electronic technology and other 4 enterprises, have applied to the provincial securities regulatory Bureau for guidance and acceptance.

Source: Beijing special Report of Su Newspaper (special correspondent Zhou Lancyuan)

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