Winter electricity tension when air conditioning voltage instability how to do?

In the winter peak period, the voltage instability may appear in a certain situation, at this time, it is necessary to see whether the home appliances can bear. If encountered in the use of voltage instability, electrical appliances can not withstand the change of this voltage, it is likely to appear short circuit or failure. Take air conditioning for example, if the voltage is not stable, how to do?

So, if the use of air conditioning and voltage instability, how should we deal with it?

First, the compressor motor is difficult to start.

When the main control switch is switched to the cooling state, pay attention to listen to whether the compressor has started to run. If you can't afford to start, you should shut down immediately. If you can't start again, you should suspend refrigeration until the voltage rises and then start using it. Do not leave when the main control switch is transferred to the cooling gear, because the compressor overload protector is frequently connected and cut off for a long time. If it is connected to the ignition junction, the large current may burn it through the compressor motor wire group.

At the moment when the air conditioner starts, because the starting current is too large, the pointer of the ammeter can be instantaneously hit to the end, and then return to the normal working current value of the air conditioner (you can check the product instruction). For example, the normal working current of the air conditioner with the cooling capacity of 3480W(3000kcal/h) is 7.5A. If at the moment of starting, the pointer of the ammeter hits to the bottom, and then the pointer points back to 1A, it indicates that the compressor is not working, and the current value of 1A only indicates that the wind motor is working. Apply the master switch to cut off the compressor circuit.

Two, the compressor operation is not stable. The voltage fluctuation of the power grid will make the compressor run very abnormal, and sometimes it will stop automatically. In this case, the user uses the main control switch to cut off the compressor circuit to prevent the compressor motor wire group from burning.

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