How to maintain kitchen hardware? Anti water leakage, anti blockage!

For THE HARDWARE with high frequency such as FAUCet and sink, if there is no environmentally friendly and durable product, it will greatly affect the use quality of the kitchen and the mood of the user. Accordingly, WHEN HARDWARE OF KITCHEN OF CHOOSE AND BUY, THE MOST IMPORTANT IS TO ASSURE QUALITY, PREVENT TO APPEAR THE PROBLEM OF LEAKAGE, JAM.

Faucet: leakproof & water saving

The kitchen is a major source of water consumption in the home. In particular, more and more people are worried about the residue problem, whether vegetables or fruits have to be soaked several times before eating, which leads to an increase in the amount of water used in the kitchen. Therefore, when buying kitchen faucets, water conservation is a must consider. In addition to ordinary faucets, there are special water-saving faucets on the market, which save about 30%-40% water than ordinary faucets. Water-saving faucet is mainly installed in the faucet bubbler, the air into the water, so in the flushing water to slow down the water flow, reduce the amount of water, play the role of energy saving. This kind of faucet still has the function that puts spatter, avoid the PROBLEM that wash vegetable water spatter everywhere every time.

Another key factor when choosing kitchen faucets is leak-proof. Due to the high frequency of opening and closing of the kitchen faucet, if the quality is too poor, it is easy to leak and drip after use, resulting in waste. The key to faucet leakage is spool. It is generally believed that ceramic spool is the most advanced spool technology at present. Compared with ordinary spool, it has strong wear resistance, good sealing and other functions, and its water-proof performance is better. It is best to choose ceramic spool faucet. In ADDITION, WHEN BIBCOCK OF CHOOSE AND BUY, WHAT TRY SWITCH EVEN WITH ONE'S OWN HANDS OPEN CLOSE IS SMOOTH, SEE BIBCOCK SURFACE ELECTROPLATING SMOOTH OR NOT, THESE ARE THE KEY FACTOR THAT JUDGE BIBCOCK STAND OR FALL.

Sink: Clogging is key

At present, most kitchen sinks are 304 stainless steel integrated formation, the basin body is strong and durable, basically do not worry about the problem of service life. The key is the sink water device, many families used to wash vegetables, wash dishes, directly let the residue out of the sink mouth, long-term development of this habit is easy to lead to water outlet blockage, water pipe leakage, sewage odor and other problems.

Accordingly, the design of flume outlet should be considered when flume of choose and buy. For example, solid waste storage basket with sink mouth can be selected to store the solid waste flushed down. After each use of the sink, the waste storage basket can be emptied to avoid too much solid waste entering the sewer, resulting in blockage. More and more households are also installing food waste disposers, which can smash solid waste directly and flush it down the pipe without causing blockage.

In addition, the quality of the sewer pipe is also the need to focus on the purchase of sink. If the quality of water pipes is poor, long-term corrosion of food residue can also easily lead to problems such as leaking and stinking. Therefore, the choice of sewer PVC pipe should also pay attention to the quality of the product.

Tips1: Good design makes kitchens more convenient

The highest compliment of a good kitchen is ease of use. Accordingly, THE HARDWARE WITH HIGH USE FREQUENCY SUCH AS BIBCOCK, SINK SHOULD TAKE SERIOUSLY MORE. The market also launched different kitchen hardware for different use habits, such as in addition to the ordinary fauchead, there are pull-out sprinkler head, 360 degree rotating sprinkler head, sprinkler head and other different types of fauchead for choice; Cime ALSO HAS SPECIAL ACCESSORY, FOR EXAMPLE PLACE THE METAL OF CIME UPPER PART TO PUT ASIDE FRAME, WHEN CONVENIENT WASHING VEGETABLES, WASHING FRUIT CAN AIR DRY.

DIY: A leaking dish pan? DIY Water Pipe Replacement

What would be your first reaction if you found the sink leaking one day?

Find a cloth to stop the leak? Find a professional to solve the problem? Or is it because you don't know what to do and can't move forward? In fact, it is not difficult to check and replace the water pipe in the washbasin, why not DIY? Find the size of the drain, go to a hardware store or buy materials online, and take matters into your own hands!

Materials: new water pipe, wrench, cleaning cloth Replacement steps: 1. Waterproof the water pipe under the dish basin, open the faucet, and check the source of the water leakage. If the water pipe interface is loose, you can not replace the water pipe (re-remove the interface installation, glass glue fixation is also a good solution), if the water pipe is broken, it needs to be replaced; 2. If the water pipe is broken, first make sure the dish basin is clean and dry, and then remove the old water pipe. Most water pipes are screw bayonets, the force of the socket wrench can be unscrewed. If there is glass glue at the bayonet, remove the glass glue with a shovel and then unscrew the pipe mouth; 3. After unscrewing the water pipe, carefully clean the water outlet of the dish basin with a cleaning cloth; 4. Connect the new water pipe bayonet, tighten it using a wrench, and reinforce the pipe nozzle with glass glue if necessary.

Tips2: Water pipes should be of the same size

Because the size of the sewer pipe with different families and different sinks is different, we should pay attention to whether the diameter of the interface of the sink is consistent and the length of the sewer pipe is consistent before purchasing.

Additional, WHEN USING DISH BASIN, outlet had better be able to isolate residue better, avoid FOOD residue TO ENTER DRAIN pipe. This will not only cause blockage, but also easy to radiate the water pipe for a long time, causing damage and water leakage.

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