China's food processing machinery and equipment industry has entered a period of adjustment

For China, food processing machinery and equipment industry is not a very young emerging industry. Now the food industry is developing so rapidly, the diversification trend is obvious, the development of food processing machinery and equipment must not fall behind the pace. So, our country food processing machinery industry's development current situation how after?

China's food processing machinery and equipment industry has entered a period of adjustment

The processing of food raw materials into food (or semi-finished products) in the process of the application of mechanical equipment and devices we call food processing machinery. At present, the development of food processing machinery industry has encountered various problems such as bottlenecks, coupled with the transformation of enterprises to cope with the economic trend.

Our current independent production of food processing machinery are mainly in the middle and low grade, high-tech core technology still rely on the introduction of foreign technology, the cost of products is higher, and much food value added is lower, which makes this high price equipment difficult to be widely applied.

According to the relevant market research center, although the rapid development of domestic food processing machinery enterprises in recent years, but still can not meet the huge demand for food processing. At present food processing machinery has entered the development period of structural adjustment. We need the full cooperation of food processing machinery manufacturers, more technical forces, combined with the actual situation in China, to produce more food processing equipment. And local government departments also attach great importance to agricultural products processing industry and food processing industry, which also creates a good policy environment and market environment for food processing machinery manufacturers.

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